The Pedal Port



The Pedal Port is a new soldering product I invented, especially for Guitar Pedal Builders.

Designed to securely hold everything a DIY Guitar Pedal Builder needs - Jacks, Switches, Cable ends, Printed Circuit Boards, LEDs, Wires, and DC Power inputs, without burning, melting, or heatsinking.


 - Ever burned yourself holding a wire or while soldering it?    ...Me too.

 - Ever scratched or smashed a part when holding it with a vice?

 - Ever dropped a circuit board or tipped-over your unstable "3rd Hand?"

Unlike pliers, the soft high-temperature silicone won't leave marks or deform parts if they overheat during soldering. It won't draw-out the heat, short-out your circuit, or fall-over.

Holds parts at any angle without tipping. It's got a Circuit Board Slot that holds boards from tiny to large, at the perfect angle. The suction base sticks to smooth surfaces so your work doesn't move around... and it does it without scratching.

Click Here for the Pedal Port 1-Sheet PDF

Works Great with our new DIY Guitar Pedal Kit - The AUSTINDRIVE.

$39 - FREE SHIPPING to any USA Address. (Contact me for current overseas rates.)